Our History and Philosophy

If you can think it, we can do it. That's the state of business technology today. Thanks to the Internet, the complex technology problems of ten years ago are routine architecture issues today. Our business-centric approach to technology projects puts the needs and objectives of your organization ahead of the requirements or limitations of the software or hardware.

MetaLake was formed in 2002 when Ross Feldman and Lew Sawyer concluded that the best way to do cool stuff for clients who appreciate a business-centric approach to their technology projects was to launch their own firm. So they did!

Since then we've had the opportunity to work with some really great clients (some household names and some you haven't heard of — yet), and to do some really great work over the last several years, during which we've developed a philosophy that remains our steadfast commitment to all clients.

We will not recommend solutions simply because they exist. In fact, we sometimes end up talking clients out of implementing a costly solution that wouldn't make sense.

We know that excellent software (yes, a website is software!) comes from solid development practices. We don't stop at delivery. We stay with you beyond deployment to ensure your satisfaction with our work. Whether you host your website on your own servers, or with us as part of our top-notch managed hosting solution, we're always accessible.

We are fanatical about meeting deadlines. We realize that every firm says something like "we are fanatical about meeting deadlines." We will back it up by showing you how our process helps ensure the on-time delivery of our solutions. We will back it up by allowing you to talk with our clients (and they will tell you that our project planning and scheduling, together with our highly refined project management process, ensure that we simply don't miss deadlines). And we will back it up by working with you (if you'd honor us with your business) to develop schedules that make meeting deadlines reasonable.

We believe that you should have the opportunity to deal directly with a Principal of our firm throughout a project. That’s why we carefully manage our own workload and growth so this will always be possible.

Over the last few years, during a time in which our national economy has struggled, we've grown and continued to thrive because our clients appreciate our approach, the quality of our work, and the ease of working with us. We'd be grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Contact us to learn how.
Solution-Focused Services

Custom Website Development

We build sites that are easy to use, easy to update, and thoughtfully designed.
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Web-Based Business Software

Extend your website beyond a simple brochure to a valuable tool for running your business. 

Unique Software Solutions

Our projects range from websites to large-scale, multi-site, multi-platform projects.
We are passionate about the wise—and appropriate—use of technology.