The World's Most Successful Open Source CMS

Of the most widely deployed content management systems available, Joomla is our preferred CMS for engagements in which clients require that a new CMS be deployed.

We have obviously worked with a variety of systems, but are generally persuaded that Joomla is a great core CMS for a number of reasons. First, it is proven. The Joomla CMS has been widely deployed by companies ranging in size from one employee to Fortune 100 companies with offices everywhere. It has not only proven to be tremendously stable, its scalability is virtually limitless.

Also, it is constantly evolving. Thousands of free extensions are available, each of which creates new capabilities and improves others. New extensions are released daily. The benefit to you is that the functionality found in these extensions may save you from having to pay someone to develop the same functionality from scratch.

So you may ask: Isn’t Joomla then a one-size-fits-all CMS solution? The answer is yes and no.

Yes in that it provides a tremendously powerful “core” upon which any kind of Web site (or suite of Web applications) can be developed. But no because every time we build a Joomla Web site, it is different than the previous one.

Each organization’s needs are different. Each will require different functionality and thus demand that we install different components and extensions. Even a Joomla website needs to be customized and deployed with the client’s business needs in mind.

Knowing which solutions and applications to build is the true test of any technology company. With Metalake’s extensive business background and our focus on the wise and appropriate use of technology, you can be certain that your organization will be well-served—whether by a Joomla Website, or whichever other technology we may choose to deploy.
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