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If you can dream it, we can accomplish it. We live in an era in which change is happening at a mind-boggling pace. Today, a technical solution is almost never as difficult to build as it was even a year ago.

The Internet obviously has helped accelerate this change and its impact on software development has been astounding.

While we do have a wide range of experience in developing in-house solutions that will never connect to the internet, we find a number of significant advantages to tools that can be deployed online and thus tend to gravitate toward web-based software solutions—when such solutions are appropriate.

Our firm principals' backgrounds are in large-scale technical programming and development projects, with a focus both on the programming AND project management fronts.

This enables us to tackle just about any imaginable project: from a large-scale, multi-site, multi-platform project to a new Web site for a startup or non-profit, we work on a wide range of projects (and thus budgets) every day.

Our process includes: meetings and interviews in which we learn about you and your business; requirements definition, in which we define the software solution we'll build to meet your requirements; software development and documentation; and testing and implementation.

If you have the need to develop a custom solution or to solve a technical problem your firm is facing, please contact us. We'd love to discuss it.
Solution-Focused Services

Custom Website Development

We build sites that are easy to use, easy to update, and thoughtfully designed.
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Web-Based Business Software

Extend your website beyond a simple brochure to a valuable tool for running your business. 

Unique Software Solutions

Our projects range from websites to large-scale, multi-site, multi-platform projects.
We are passionate about the wise—and appropriate—use of technology.