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Metalake is an active proponent of the open source software model. With open source software, the code is protected by a special license that ensures everyone has access. No single organization fully owns the software. That freedom means choice—and power.

Open source multiplies one company's development capacity many times over. Everyone in the Internet-connected, worldwide community collaborates and the best software wins. The Internet is the perfect breeding ground for collaboration as ideas and code instantly move around the world.

How Clients Benefit From Open Source Programs

Open source returns control to clients and their developers. You can see the code, make changes and learn from changes other made. Any bugs are found and fixed faster than a single organization could manage. And if you don't like how one vendor is serving you, choosing another is easy and requires no massive changes to your systems.

That’s why the open source model often results in higher quality, more secure and more easily integrated software at a vastly accelerated pace and often at a lower cost.

The open source model is built on the premise that companies who build open source software must consistently serve their customers through extraordinary value, performance, and ease of integration and management.
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